Welcome to York University . . .

Since its founding York University has successfully educated students for productive and satisfying lives of leadership, excellence, and service. Our graduates have made positive contributions to their families, communities, and professions. York University has an excellent reputation, a variety of strong academic programs and co-curricular activities, attractive facilities, caring and competent faculty and staff members, outstanding students, and a friendly, personal environment where students come first.

In York University we put some major targets:

• To enable students from diverse cultures and backgrounds to achieve personal and professional goals
• To provide academic programs, services, facilities, and technologies that support student learning and contribute to students' intellectual development and personal growth
• To foster the development of critical thinking and lifelong learning skills
• To instill the importance of ethical behavior, responsibility, and professional standards
• To retain a diverse faculty comprised of experienced, qualified educators with industry-current expertise
• To guide students in preparing for and achieving future success

We invite you to examine our programs to determine whether we offer what you want. If so, please visit on of our campuses and talk with our students and faculty and staff members so that you may decide whether York is the right place to continue your education. I assure you that we will do everything possible to help you achieve your educational goals.